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This may have been asked before, do you run light or regular weight bodies? What kind of difference do you feel from one to the other? What body do you run on carpet vs asphalt?

Hi Brent, I use all lightweight bodies. the car is a little harder to drive with a light weight body just because the air flexes the light weight body more, so its a little less consistent. the car will also have a good bit less chassis roll with the light weight so the set up will be a bit different (maybe a hair softer or a bit lower roll center to get the roll back). i normally still use the Speed6 but i have been using the LTCR more lately so im not sure what i will use for carpet this year, but those are the two bodies that i use.


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Good info! Thanks

One last question, with your car and the countersunk top deck screws, does that really stiffen your chassis up, or just help with tweak?
I think it does make it a tad bit stiffer, if everything is perfectly straight it does help with tweak, but tweak isnt really much of an issue anymore BC the top decks are so thin flexy now. if the car isnt straight and the top deck is countersunk, the car will stay tewaked. so the car must be perfect to countersink the deck.

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Other than feel, is there any way to tell that you are using the proper amount of camber gain?

Hi, honestly no. id be willing to bet that someone has some sort of calculation that may or may not be true but i just dont think that their is any good way to do something like that.

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Hi Paul,

I know that it depends on the tire and the environment a lot, but what is your general tire prep for rubber tire, asphalt track that has no traction? Which additives do you use to clean the tires and for grip?
Lately i have had some sauces that i (not really developed but found), one is an aggressive thin sauce that i clean with and the other is oil a lot like tire tweak, lrp top grip, Rienhard's stuff ect. i call my stuff LG1 and LG2. aggressive stuff just to clean then a small amount of it on top (let dry completely, then i use the LG2 "oil" just a few dropps of it and let it dry. and thats it. tire warmers do work but if you get it wrong on Re run tires it will be horrible. so i normally just do it my way and it always works well, maybe not perfect but always easy to replicate and good.

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Quick question Paul, were you using BLS551 at the worlds?
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