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Originally Posted by teknorc View Post

Most of us were running PMT's that day. GRP's seemed to be doing pretty well too. The DLM2 tires were a little slidy. Ipanema's weren't hooking up very well. Foams were like driving on ice. Traction was definitely an issue at that track since they didn't spray anything down. We were turning laps as fast as the 1/10th scale cars for a change.

Can't wait to race again.
Regardless of rubber brand tire you use, you won’t get the best possible results from them using the incorrect shore/inserts for the track location & temps.

It hard to believe that using a radial slick tire made from pure & natural Brazilian rubber (not one made from recycled rubber/vinyl or plastic material blends), that has 5 different shore rating availability, 2 different foam insert densities to choose from and they couldn’t provide excellent traction on any track surface or on any type of GT car with our slicks.

Merely saying that a product didn’t work for you, is not a fair to GT racers or the manufacturer, it’s similar to someone stating that your products didn’t work and never gave you the opportunity to find out what they were doing wrong.

If you had or were, an Ipanema dealer in your area, that supported GT racing and our racing slicks, you would see that there’s a lot of reasons why real 1:1 race tire manufacturers insist on using only the best pure Brazilian rubber materials.

Rubber grows wild in Brazil, where does all that other “rubber” come from?

Our Radial GT slicks have won a ton of big GT races over the past 3+ years all across North America, there’s a lot of good reasons for that.

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