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Is their a reasonable amount of slop in the rear diff from left to right? Reason I as is I have my new V2 built and everything in the driveline is nice and smooth and will get better after I run the bearings a few runs but the diff does have a good amount of side to side play? Now I know I can shim it(I would need plenty of shims thats for sure). I checked the assembly of the bearing holders for the diff and they seem to be right.

I looked over it a few times but I know how simple it is after you looked at something for so long you miss problem/overlook it.

Everything built great with the rear diff play being my only real thing that has me scratching my head. The front one way don't have near as much movement from side to side. I know I have the diff bearing holders in the cams the same way in the front as I do the rear so the spacing should be the same.

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