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Originally Posted by Farmer_John View Post
I compared the two, shopped for availability, found the right price (240.00 on closeout at Tower) and built one last week.

The diffs and links came built. The RC8e comes standard with the steering mod done.

The differences (beyond the 180.00 price difference):

A B C D plates. The Be's have more adjustments.
Shock towers. The Be's offer more adjustments.
Shocks. The Be uses the threaded aluminum 16mm shocks instead of the cheesy 16mm resin bodies in the e.
Aluminum front top plate (good worthwhile upgrade)

Beyond those differences, they're both the nitro buggies with the AE conversion kit. The e model will accept every Be upgrade.

I"m not sure which set of chassis braces the Be comes with. If it should come with the built up rod braces, I'd recommend DOWNGRADING to the resin braces that come with the RTR and e models. I've bent the rods on hard landings, never had an issue at all with the resin braces.

I will note that I already owned the front top plate and Threaded shocks. I"m running the rest of it with a similar setup to my old Tekno conversion.

Not only does the steering mod reduce bump steer, but it also alleviated the RC8 pushing like a Mack truck...
Is the Rc8be more durable than the rc8e?
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