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Originally Posted by mark williams View Post
Hi guys, im also suffering weak brakes with my gt 2 pro with 4t v3 and 10.5 v3

they are too progresive, im after more aggresive brakes and just cant seem to get them to be sharp with just a little movement with the throttle stick

ive also tried all the esc settings but from what i can make out if the initial brakes are at a max of 40% surely they never are going to be blinding with little stick movement, they will be 40% of the max brakes or am i wrong ?

ive been reading the above posts regarding capacitors, from the start i run with the following spec capacitor

105 dec c

its a cylinder type one as used by reinhard..could this spec capacitor be the issue..

ive found what is labelled as super active capacitor but as it looks like the one that came with my esc i dont know if its the same as what i have,

what capacitor comes with esc 2.0 pro gt ????

the one ive found is pt no sp98801std-c01 (is this the supplied gt pro one)
is this one the same sp98801-c01 or the upgraded version

i just want better brakes as i have to start braking too early to get into a hairpin, markwhen others can cream me on braking

cheers in advance

I have the same problem with a V2 Pro and a SPV3 17.5 with the standard cap it came with.
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