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Thumbs up Speed Passion GT2.1 Capacitor

Just thought I would share some findings with everyone.

I drive a Tamiya 416WE with a GM 13.5T motor and recently got a Speed Passion GT 2.1 (previously had and LRP SPX). Now my car not only looks very sexy but is alot faster down the straight and has a better power band, punchy but smooth.

I did notice though how weak the brakes are. They work, yes, but they arnt as good as the SPX I had. I tried all ESC settings and combinations with no sucsess, messing with the EPA on the transmitter, re-calibrate ESC ect ect.. I use an LRP 5900mah 50C Lipo so I dont think its a bad supply. The SPX on the same car/setup/electronics has much better brakes even on its low settings.

I noticed my GT 2.1 came with a single large capacitor. On the Speed Passion web site it pictures a unit with 4 small capacitors so I replaced it with the optional 'high power capacitor' which I assume is the same thing, looks the same anyway.

This made and *EPIC* difference to the brakes and low down power for that matter. The brakes now lock up the wheels with ease, I've have had to tone them down slightly now.

Has anyone else had their GT 2.1 come with 1 large capacitor instead of the 4 small ones?
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