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Originally Posted by Driver86 View Post
I don't know what's funnier, the first post or the following ones taking it seriously. No, I do know, it's the posts following the first one because the first one wasn't funny and was actually rude to real Hebrew people. They don't believe Jesus was the messiah. Let them! It's not hurting anybody. I've never heard of a Jew walking into a crowded area with C4 duct taped to their vest.
Define a "Real Hebrew". I don't know much on the subject of what Jewish people choose to be called, but i did a little research on the trusty WIKI and it seems the term Hebrew tends to be offensive and derogatory.....

Maybe someone who is actually Jewish could speak into this more.

I have never heard of a guy who drives an RC car walk into a crowded area with C4 strapped to their chest..... or a bus driver, or a guy who works at McDonalds, or The President of the United States........ Whats your point?

You know driver86, i really don't appreciate you coming over here and trying to shove your beliefs down my throat. I don't believe that poor grammar, half cocked thoughts and wild accusations are the way to heaven......
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