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Originally Posted by jiml View Post
Well, racing will do that.

The thing that's wrong with our hobby is that there's no room any more for the people who just want to go out an run their cars. Everything is race, race, race, and the people who do go out just to have fun are yelled at and called all sorts of names. When you get an attitude like that from someone why would you stay in the hobby?

have you ever raced onroad tc cars ? talk about a-holes i have gotten in a verbal fight but i knew you wasnt, gone to get in my face or anything though.

but i though about it and thats , not good for the sport if a kid sees that .

offroad is usally more relexing espially during a club race, however when theres a money race and usually, not that much money that you win i have seen two guys agrueing over who, crashed who at a truggy race that was a pro b- main race lol.

and these are grown men and im 25 and he just have to laugh at that and just say grow up . and there toy cars.

but i like offroad scene so much better , thats why i quit doing onroad.

so if somebody yells at you , the drivers stand or during turnmashalling dont pay attention to them.
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