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Originally Posted by Bumpy View Post
That seems very low on the FDR. I would try dropping a couple pinion teeth to be around FDR 5.5ish or higher. Try that with 4 dot(motor), Another thing to look at is the 'initial brake', having this high will make quite a bit of heat plus the X-12s dont need alot of drag brake unless that suits your driving style. Hope that makes sense. I run my X-12 13.5 at FDR 8.19 with 4dot, on a med sized track and its Awesome!!!
Interesting. What is the size of the track?

Today was the first time I used sxx ss and x12 13.5 motor. My local track straight is about 20 to 25 meters long, my fdr was 7.61. Feel was set on 4 and boost was on 6. It was really quick, I think the gearing needed to be 8ish.

Any suggestions on the gearing?
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