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Default Voltage drop

Originally Posted by Gav- View Post
Ran my SXX SS MK2 with X12 17.5 at a very large track today. 4 dot, 3.9FDR,

It was very quick, with the best top speed, and plenty of poke in the middle. I was running IP Intellect 5000 40C, and on two of the finals the car just shut down. Motor temp at 85C, ESC temp at 45C. At first I thought it was the battery, as it happened right at the end of the 5 mins race (the first time 2 corners from the finish line), and I could turn the ESC off, and back on again and it ran again. Used a different battery, and the same thing happened again (just after I crossed the finish line the second time thankfully). I also had turned the lipo cutoff on the ESC off for this run.

Anyone had an issue like this, or have any ideas why this happened?
I suspect a voltage drop..Been there done that...And when it sits..the voltage comes back up..Balance your cells and see what happens..

On another note..
Ran the SXX ss in a T3..10.5 duo 1..
fdr 6.31... c. 5400, 50c.Large out door track .PLENTY of brakes..Like the spx..So it seems after 3 motors..That it does depend on what motor you use with this esc..Ive found the older style of motors with not too much timming built in seem to be the go...So far anyway

and yes 8 dot timming on esc...Motor is set to 0

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