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Race report from Korey Harbke

I raced at the EGTC Series in Lynwood/Everett Washington on Saturday.

I arrived ready to run open modified, but not enough people showed up, so I ran the stock class.
So far I was one fo the few running Sweep tires at this track, so it gave me good grounds to do some promotion for us!
I started off with EXP 30s and the pink inserts just to get a feel for the track. I used the X3 sauce with no warmers, just let it sit for about 10 min. The car had amazing grip... but too much. IT was slowed down in the corners a lot. Since it was getting warmer, I decided to try EXP 36s with the aqua insets, and that proved to be a major improvement in drivability and lap times after they warmed up. Many people were struggling to make enough grip, but I had no problems what so ever. For the main, I threw a few sets of soem used tires I had to others in the stock main for them to try. All were very impressed and should be grabbing them from a local dealer, or ordering direct very soon. Fast lap, TQ and win does a lot to promote the product

Sunday was a little more of a struggle for me.

Fantasy World Toy and Hobby is a very interesting and low/high grip (yes... low and high) track. It depends a lot on the temperature of the track surface and if it has rained recently (and it has.... a lot). So grip was pretty low. In the morning I didnt even bother with EXP30s this time, I just broke out the tire warmers and ran 36s. So far, this seems to be working the best for me.

Baking in the traction compound seems to give the best overall results. I baked for about 10 min at 60 deg C. I use X3 sauce when the temps are a little cooler, and X1 when it starts to get hot. X3 seems to get a little greasy in the last minute of the run if I started to push really hard.

I ended up qualifying last because of some overheating issues with motor/esc testing for ORCA. So I went back to a known setup that worked well... went from last to 3rd in 2 laps. then I was battling it out with the TQ, our very own Kody Knudson for the remainder of the race. Swapped positions a lot, but his car was obviously better. After a small mistake, he got a little breathing room and ran away.... this time. 1-2 Finish for sweep in the open modified class, with MANY of the other drives using Sweep tires. I didn't get a tally, but there were a lot.

I also tested LS inserts vs the aquas in the EXP36s. So far I like the LS inserts a little better at fantasy world. The Aquas creat so much grip in the middle of the corner, it wanted to bind my car up a bit in the corners. When I switched to LS inserts, it seemed like it rolled though the center of the corner better for me. Overall, very impressed. Now I'll have to keep both sets of premounts in my box as a tuning aid.


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