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Originally Posted by charlie_b View Post
4/ 8
9/ 7
12/ 5
13/ 4
14/ 5

Gear it a 6.8
I also recommend getting a fan on your motor.
Thanks for the suggestions. I am getting so frustrated with this thing and I am ready to just go back to "standard" software and race in the RCGT class instead. It seems that I make one small change at a time and nothing helps. I will try changing the numbers you said, lower my FDR a little, and check it out. It is weird that temps were the same when running a 6.5FDR and a 7.31FDR with the same ESC settings. Since I am running circles around all the Tekin's at the track, I can afford to slow it down a bit by taking some of the turbo out to lower temps...
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