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Originally Posted by trackdesigner71 View Post
Herein lies the problem with this or any other class...lack of a consistent ruleset at the club level. If we could get some heads put together and come up with something that could work across the board and be used at all different kinds of tracks. I mean that is why VTA works and you can get everyone together for a VTA Nationals like they have had the last few years. I think that some folks ought to put their heads together and work out all the questions about motor, ESC, tires, bodies, and then run a few test events. then if the test events go well, then try to work out expanding it slowly
Many on this thread agree with you. Personally I don't see this as a big deal. HPI has rights to the RCGT name and thru this program they do some marketing. Given the rules as they are....that makes sense. On the other hand, If a new GT program opens up, it should be done with a broader based rule set that doesn't cater to one manufacturer or another. HPI and others, if allowed , will still sell bodies and possibly even tires if a broader tire rule is made. SP and other electronics companies will benefit and chassis makers will do the same as always. As for class specifics....I think with the addition of the 21.5 as a LEGAL addition to the mix, we could see some of the same benefit that VTA is seeing and it affects nothing in the grand scheme of the class. Offer it or don't....makes no difference. So lets go for it.....Should we adopt the class as simply "GT" ?? And who is going to oversee it ??
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