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Originally Posted by Racecrafter View Post
I proposed not only to run the series for this year (even before we finished last year) I had set up a rule designation for Sportsman and Expert. Chris Lim may still have those rules.

They were only separated by the ESC. You have turbo turned on you must run Expert. No confusion, no new motors to buy, just one speedo if you don't already have one. It also allows Experts to run other Expert classes with the same ESC as well as Sportsman to run other Sportsman classes as adopted by ROAR. (17.5, 13.5 TC etc)

Can you police it? Yes. But your tech guy needs to know what he's doing.
Had you given any thought to allowing Sportsman to be 21.5 ?? Do you think 17.5 is to fast for most beginner or intermediate drivers ?? Do you think tire wear would be less of a problem if you slowed things down ??
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