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Originally Posted by Evoracer View Post
Jimmy, if it were only the esc your statement might be true. Now add the price of a chassis, radio, tires,wheels and support gear. Then ask that same person with little to no experience to go out and try to effectively race against guys like you. I know you mentioned "sportsman" but thats the problem....there's no rules to divide the skill levels and 1 very fast class is not great for the majority of racers. As an experienced racer you're the minority. Now if we could decide to actually have a set of rules for Expert and sportsman, which is what most of this thread is about, then open esc's for expert might be a consideration as I don't believe the program will suffer from a minority of expert drivers using high end gear.

I proposed not only to run the series for this year (even before we finished last year) I had set up a rule designation for Sportsman and Expert. Chris Lim may still have those rules.

They were only separated by the ESC. You have turbo turned on you must run Expert. No confusion, no new motors to buy, just one speedo if you don't already have one. It also allows Experts to run other Expert classes with the same ESC as well as Sportsman to run other Sportsman classes as adopted by ROAR. (17.5, 13.5 TC etc)

Can you police it? Yes. But your tech guy needs to know what he's doing.
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