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I agree with your concerns.. But really when we are trying to get new people in the game... and there are no huge performance gains... I wanna make it as EASY as possible... It is a thought, and we wil see what happens with our local stuff..

IMHO what woud best for the class would be to get an HPI Premount for a low cost.. or the Blast off stuff work like the HPI... and maybe if we can get the Blast off unmounted also... to keep the scale guys happy...

Really.. I dunno at this point... I cannot wait to get the Blast Off's to test..

Originally Posted by HarryN View Post
Billy Bob's Super Awesome Treaded Tire GT!

I'm sorry but can I cast an early vote for this new name for the GT series???

As far as the Solaris, JACO, or Sorex tires, again, they are very much associated with TC. I am sure that anyone running these wheel/tire combo will have the upper hand given the compound used for these tires to last and grip on track surfaces. I mean it is going to open a can of worms in my opinion later on when some people want to go full scale realism versus realism with fake wheels/tires. Do we really want to go down this route? I know I could be speaking prematurely here, but I am sure it is a valid topic.

On the other hand, we could wait and see how the Blast Off tires do before we go on the route of which tire/wheel combo people recommend. I still am not too comfortable about using TC wheels/tires in a class meant for scale realism.
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