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Default ok, so to clarify......

Houston, you said:

Originally Posted by houston View Post
or just have houston help you out !!

i will get you dialed in when we get the season going john , use IF112C bulkhead , IS101 and IS102 gears , properly shimmed !!
you mentioned the IF112C bulkhead specifically - how is this one different from the IF112B which seems to be teh original one wiith the st-rr?

If I were to go with the hot bodies ring/pinion gears, would I also need to replace the drive shafts going to the front/rear diffs? Someone said that the pinion is cut different, so I am not sure what that means.

Is it possible to just purchase the HB ring/pinion and go with just those two parts on my st-rr?

Also, how many shims are most people using on each side of the diff? I have the thick one and two thin ones on the ring side, and 1 thin on the other side. Does this sound about right?

Also, if I hear that clicking noise under heavy breaking, does that mean that my gears are shot and i should go with a new case,ring, pinion?

thanks for the help guys-
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