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Originally Posted by Marcos.J View Post
i think you are way under gear I run the SP13.5 geared at a 5.8 on a medium size track and my motor never gets above 125 and my setting on #15 is at value #2. Are you using motor timing? It seems that you may be over reving the motor.
My motor has locked timing at 0*. I took my car out to a flat parking lot and ran some "speed runs" with the settings listed above. My car was still accelerating after about 120 feet which is longer than any straightaway on my tracks around me. If I do run a taller FDR, wouldn't it get more speed that I can't use on a track and theoretically put more stress on the motor and raise temps since I race on more technical tracks? I am just asking as I am new to this "timing advance" stuff. I do have enough gears to go from 5.0-8.0 FDR. I have tried 6.5 FDR or so and temps were just as high. I thought gearing higher would make it better, but I guess not.
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