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Originally Posted by darrenoakley View Post
Hi guys may have been covered already but I am running the eZRun-25A-SL-L in my 1/18 and was wondering if the firmware can be upgraded and if so what too ? Many thanks
I've got a 60amp EZRUN V.2 and there hasn't been anything new to upgrade to in the past year or more. But thats not to say there hasn't been new firmware for yours. The esc's are not listed as 'eZRun-25A-SL-L' on the version control so its hard for me to tell where yours is.

If you got a mate with a LCD box and a computer, plug it in and see whats available.
But like the man said it wont be with dynamic timing/turbo
Rember that only Version 2 EZRUN's are USB supported for upgrading.
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