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Originally Posted by mazzinga View Post
I think that at tis point they are waiting for the world champ.. and release the car just a few days befor the event to have the car ready to sell at the hobby shops immediatelly after the event..??
While that's possible, I don't think this is the cause of the delay. The "win on Sunday, sell on Monday" technique only really works if you, umm, you know. Win? Durango have (at least from what I can see) a fairly small team of drivers and while I won't doubt that they are very talented, they may not be Drake/Savoya/Hara caliber. In a nutshell, just short of a fluke, I don't expect a significant result at the worlds.

Also, it's not like Durango is making a car purely from scratch, as they've already had the 410 on the market for quite a while: VERY similar parts arrangement & materials between the two, so I don't necessarily buy this "steep manufacturing/learning curve" thing either. Of course, there are always unforeseen snags
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