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Originally Posted by Team Lotus View Post
Tiko, I have been following your issues with your Cirtix esc/motor and I'm concerned about this battery issue that you mentioned. My club does'nt have the Cirtix esc/motor combo yet ( we hope to get it sometime this summer) but I'm worried now because we all use the SMC 25C 1 cell lipo packs in our pan cars with a booster; and from what you seem to be saying, that will not work with the Cirtix unit. I hope there is some other answer as that will completely screw us up if we have to go and buy all new 2 cell lipo packs in order to run. As you know most of the new 1/10 pan cars on the market such as the Associated 10R5, etc are designed specifically for 1 cell lipo packs; same with 1/12 scale.

Shawn or anyone have any answers? I'm really bummed about this development.
Well I am a little bummed about the ESC issues. Now, what I need is to find out which receiver pack to get that would work with this ESC. I need to find the smallest receiver pack for the 12 scale car. As for the 1S Novak Booster it works perfectly fine with the other ESC's. I have tried it with the LRP SXX, Novak GTB and few others. Unfortunately this ESC wonít work unless I connect a 2S battery pack to it. I donít plan on putting a 2S pack in my R5 anytime soon. Iím hoping that I can find a solution for this problem soon.
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