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Hello everyone,

I just bought a SP GT 2.0 LPF , I've installed it and done everything, but i dont understand a few things .
In the instructions, it says only 9.5t and over if i use a lipo batery , 5.5t and over with 6 cells/7,2 v .
Can i use a 5.5t motor with my 7.4v lipo ?
Second of all, how do I update my ESC firmware/software, I read somewhere that it had USB fonctionality, but it didnt come with a USB-esc cable, only came with program card and the rest .
Last, could anyone share their ESC setup values , i.e : tell me what item you are using ( timing , max brake, max reverse ...) and say what value you have ( number of flashing green led )
PS : Il be running a 13.5t LRP x12 with my GT 2.0 LPF

Thank you for any help , greatly appreciated
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