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Originally Posted by dameetz View Post
What are the diferences between AQUA SWA-M and AQUA EXP-M inserts? I'll be using EXP36E tyres this weekend to try it out, I already have the AQUA inserts from my previous SQT 40 tyres mounted set (not sure if its SWA-M or EXP-M), can I just reuse this with my EXP36E tyres.


SWA-M Medium inserts and EXP-M inserts are difference in shape, the thickness and the pricing. EXP's are wider, thicker and slightly more in pricing.

none of previous tires from past distributor came with the EXP inserts, all of US branded pre-glued tires set(EXP, QTS, R40) comes with the EXP inserts.

your SQT40 should be from past distributor, therefore it came with SWA-M inserts.

hope this explains it all.
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