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Originally Posted by ixlr8nz View Post
Sorry man but I think you have it totally wrong... obviously you havent read HW definitive guide to how 422 works. The real benefit of 422 has nothing to do with the turbo... Its is the fact that it has dynamic timing. Turbo is just a bad name.

The real reason 422 and 518 way out perform 230/231/324/410 is because they were esentially like 205 or others but with turbo.

422 is completely different and will make the motor run much cooler because of the dynamic timing (not anything at all to do with turbo) and also much faster.

#9 is boost timing max of 21 degrees (or 26 on SP although I think it really is 21)
#12 is turbo timing max of 8 degrees
#13 is boost start RPM
#14 is turbo delay
#15 is timing punch (the amount of RPM needed for an increase of 1 degree after the boost start RPM and note:nothing to do with turbo)

Example #A: When motor speed reaches 4500RPM, the ESC begins to increase the internal timing with the
step of 1 Degree per 200 RPM increment.
Example #B: When motor speed reaches 6000RPM, the ESC begins to increase the internal timing with the
step of 1 Degree per 300 RPM increment.
Because Example #A uses lower Boost Start RPM and lower Timing Punch settings, it products a faster
internal timing increase, that means the motor has a faster acceleration, but the motor will be hotter.

In the very near future there will be no turbo option. It is just a bandage for programming that isn't quite right.
Thank you for the clarification with Hobbywing information. I am unaware about what/how hobbywing define their own 422 software. I am just trying not to apply their thinking onto my SPEED PASSION speedo control and software and expect to have the same performance like Hobbywing does.

DMTS setup @ 1 is test proved and will work without problem....he can try 4 or 5 after temping the motor and speed. It is his options.

I have Marc Rheinard, Viktor Wilck, Yannic Prümper's setup....will have that post on Speed Passion website once they are done.
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