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I have purchased 1 used engine and sold 2 used engines. The one I bought was exactly as he said it was and still running 5 gallons later. The one I sold I told him it was junk I sold it for 50 and he was using it for spare parts. But I agree used engines are a big gamble. I would rather buy new unless I knew the seller personally. I just sold the other used engine it just had 6-7 tanks on it and I sold it to a buddy. Hs very very happy with it but I am an honest seller. I don't sell junk. Junk belongs in the trash. I also just purchased a used e truggy conversion roller. I expected to replace the bearings and maybe some other parts. It's used not new. If you expect it in perfect condition then buy new. When buying used buyer beware.

Ohh yea one more thing. Does it run?
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