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OK Evoracer here's the deal about selecting a car:

It depends on the track you're going to run it:

1/12th scale indoor track:
Get a narrow, 200mm, pancar like the Associated RC10L3, the CRC Pantoura or the Corally CCT. Run it either with 4 cells and a 19 turn motor, or 6 cells and a stock motor. This will mean your car won't be too large to get around the track, and it will not too fast too control it.

1/10th scale small outdoor track.
If the track is wide enough, get a wide ,235mm car. It will handle better, so it will be easier to learn to drive it. Is the track somewhat narrow, stick to a narrow car. 6cell stock will do nicely here.

1/8th scale outdoor track.
Get a wide car. Give the Associated RC10L2 a good look. If you're in the states, that's the most inexpensive way to go. Parts availability is also excellent. You'll need a modified motor for such a large track. If you're new to RC, you can best start with something mild, think in terms of 15turns or so. 6cells will also be the way to go.

For technical advise, you can best give this thread a look:

I am working at a website with tips and pictures, but it won't be up soon, since I have limited time.

I do hope this will help you! At the very least, just have fun running this type of car. It's inexpensive to run and maintain, and very fast. It will also teach you good throttle control. A pancar might be somewhat challenging to drive in the beginning, but it will reward you with good speeds at very low costs. Have fun!
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