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Ok, I've read this entire thread and I for one am stoked about the whole idea BUT...I have zero experience with pan cars !! I'm a huge believer that this hobby needs new blood so with that in mind......How does a pancar rookie get knowledge about these cars?? is there a good source of info about them?? I got confused about the narrow vs. wide , pro10 vs. pro12, 6 cell vs. 4 cell. It made me dizzy trying to follow the conversations you experienced pan car drivers were having !!! Imagine what a total rc rookie would feel like !!!

So for me and the rest of the pan car newbs...If I want to get involved, what new cars should i be looking at ?? What used cars?? What chassis sizes are available and what are the differences?? If I race stock 27t TC or 19t with 6 cells now, what class pan car should I be looking at ?? Etc, Etc......

Just so I this whole thread about setting up ONE competition exclusively for pan cars ??? or are you trying to revive the class??? The phrase " the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" kept coming to mind while reading all the posts. If this is all for 1 blowout contest, then I can see trying to make a variety of classes and making alot of allowances for all your wishes....BUT...If you're looking toward a long term goal of re-establishing the popularity of pancars, then you have to take into consideration how to make pancars fit the needs of a wide variety of users and , more importantly , supporters of the activity !!! IE: A few people already mentioned that 6cell cars may be to fast for many indoor or smaller outdoor tracks to operate SAFELY!! Also mentioned was the wider cars barely fitting on many tracks to operate SAFELY !!!
I realize that many drivers don't care about attracting new people to the hobby but if you're looking to re invent the pancar class, shouldn't you be thinking about WHERE you're going to be able to run them !!?? Limiting the choices just because a few existing drivers only care to go as fast as possible just doesn't make sense and makes the supporters of this effort look a bit short sighted !! Absolutely no offense meant.....I'm simply thinking about the bigger picture.
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