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David Root
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Thumbs up Racing Pro 10

Raced Pro10 last night. They throw us (me) in with the touring cars. I have been running an RC10L, 230mm 6 cell,stock configuration except reactive front end. I had a great time. I could catch them in the infield if I took tight lines. The Pan car turns quicker, and accelerates faster than the touring cars.

Before the race I heard "antique", "Old design" and "it won't drive as well because its 2Wd". After the race I heard "Its not fair, he is running a lighter car than us" At the place I race, points for seperate classes are kept so I was not really IN the touring car class. It sure was fun. I qualified 13 out of 29 and I am a terrible driver.

In the main, I was in last place after a few crashes in the firlst 3 turns. I made my up to 3rd in 4 or 5 laps. I then launched it off a dot and snapped my left front axle. Sure was fun.

David Root
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