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Default FS-GT3B

I've emailed FlySky and have been speaking with them about this radio.

I already own a Spektrum DX 3.0 and a DX3S running off SR300 receivers, so I was looking for a cheaper alternative for bashing and bought the FS-GT2 clone and a few receivers from Hobbyking.

I was so impressed I bought the FS-GT3 from German ebay for 32 euros shipped to Louisiana. That's $43.00 US when I ordered.

It's not as solid or amazingly fast as the FS-GT2, but it uses the cheapo receivers and works pretty damned good.

On to the FS-GT3B. I have been asking about it and found this out directly from Flysky.

It will work with the Hobbyking receivers and the new receivers will work with the other radios. So the $6.52 receivers from Hobbyking were a great investment. I am trying to nail down a price for 2 shipped to me, but I get the feeling they want me to buy a lot of them.

If that is the case, I may just wait until they hit the fleabay and buy them from my german reseller from Hong Kong.

I'm expecting them to be less than 80US shipped to my door. If they are 1/2 as nice as they look, they should be amazing.

BTW, the FS-GT2 is the BEST basher radio on the planet. 18.00 US and 13.00 shipping. 31.00 for a bulletproof 2.4 system.

I am eriously thinking of selling all my Spektrum gear if the GT3B is worth a crap.
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