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Originally Posted by mbx5rcr34 View Post
i was thinking on this last weekend,my jx21 was 189f,i tried to lean it & i end-up 204f (empty tank) it will idle all day long ,i know my hsn is set ,is it fine to lean it more cause i remember the hsn is 2 out turns from close??already
i know some engines tune different, but i can tell you for a fact anything more then 2 turns out on a jx is too lean. I don't care what the humidity or altitude is. 2 turns out MAYBE. but that is still too lean. Mine stays around 2 1/4 most of the time give or take an hour. All my o.s. engines do

the jx runs colder then the vspec. I had the same problem for a long time until i realized it was not a problem. One of the best drivers in my area runs nothing but jx's and he temps about 175 after a main. I think it has something to do with that oversized block or lightened cooling head. I would always try to lean it out to get it hotter, DONT! You will ruin your engine.

If anything go in on your LSN but anything more then 3 1/8 is getting too lean.
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