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Originally Posted by TryHard View Post
Cheers for the kind words guys, I know my site is only small, but glad it helps. I think the more general scope will help in the uk at the moment, given racechat seems to be dissapearing up its own....

If anyones got their investigative noses on, you should find out pretty easily what I've gone too...
I think I can make an educated guess

Thanks for all your help over the year/s, your site really has helped a LOT of people in the UK convert to a car that the distributor doesn't want to support! I'd personally say your site and racechat serve two completely different purposes. I'd like to hope that yours remains in its current state - but can expand to feature the same information for your new manufacturer! I think the 'resource' nature of the site is second to none out there, for ANY make of car.

Good luck with the new ride!

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