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just thought I would share my experience with the new tamiya soft rear tires.

got to run them over the weekend for 3 races. The first race was in the evening with a little heat still in the track, air temp about 23 degrees celius. Track is consider low to medium grip asphault.

Tires were cleaned with simple green and car had amazing traction for entire race and felt really planted in the rear. Set lap times about .4sec off my personal best. Not bad considering haven't run car for 4 weeks.
For the next race, tried the tires with traction compound, and the car again felt good, if anything, really really grippy in the rear. Lap times were ok, other then driver error.
For the last race, I had hoped to heat them up a little with gripper on them to see what would happen, but as it was, didn't give it enough time for the traction compound to soak in and got hit early which striped a spur gear.

I did race with the F60 rear's on the car with traction compound on the night as well, and the car wasn't as quick as with the soft rear as reflected in my lap times.

I will continue to use them at night, my only concern being they did show a fair bit of wear on them after 3 run's.
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