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Default Stay with novarossi

Not that other motors aren't good, but I've had very few problems with bf's and p5's in years of racing, RB's too. Actually the only problems I've had with engines is if I ran other brands besides Novarossi or RB. I recommend a p5xlstandard plug engine with mc coy mc-8 plugs and a 9853ss pipe and short round header, perfect all around engine for buggy or truggy. It's like 255 dollars but will last 6-10 gallons depending on how it's treated. 25% fuel with at least 11percent oil in it. Keep the top end flush or slightly above with the brass thing after break in, and lower the idle and lean the bottom a bit....30% or 25% fuel with 8 or 9% oil can cause problems I don't care how space age and special their oil is, it needs oil for compression and the bearings and long life of the piston. I really can't talk bad about Werks engines they are fast, but I've seen one too many leak from the carb. Now the ALpha engines, specifically the red headed one is really fast for 200 bucks, but I say pony up 50 more bucks and get a P5. JMO...I've never heard anything bad about p5's for about 8 years now or more. Like I said it's not that other engines are bad. I just feel better knowing a Nova is in my buggy, and if I can help others find the same consistency and power then I'll throw my knowledge out there for others to see, and I'm not sponsored by Novarossi, I'm a regular racer who wins races, and buys fewer engines that some other people.... I have been getting beat by 17 and 18 year olds lately. I'm turning 37 this month, oh well I'm one of the few older racers that can keep up with the younger guys in the Houston Texas area, not too shabby....
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