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Thanks Pyramid and Sow&Steady........I still remembered getting 2 orginial Impulse kit back 5 years guys are right, getting extra kits does help me (personally) for a long run...however, I have to stock 710 parts for the track for the fellow 710 owners (most of them are 705 or NTC3 owner before) I just want to get a head start from Serpent to order parts for the up coming season....beside, selling parts individually makes more profit, then I will use those profit to get me the extra kits..........

I have 1 more question..........the rear shock tower..that is a rare one that ppl will break (at least 15 years of RC I don't recall I had every broke 1 shock tower...), but so far, I heard so many ppl broke that, if I remembered correctly, Serpent realized the 710 have quite a lot of parts are backorders for now, and those parts were not the usual parts that ppl broke on their Serpent....untill the the rear shock tower is one of the case?
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