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Originally posted by Sow&Steady
Aaaahhh ... one of my favourites! This is what Nitro racing is about, long, sweeping yet technical enough to be very interesting.

Are you racing? Good luck anyways.

Desmond was Champ last time, I came in 3rd or 4th, can't remember. That time the track was brand new and they didn't have that huge driver's stand. Also the main corners were not cemented as it is now which means it was eating up tires at the end of the straight and you had to use 45 shores.

Incidentally, that sweeper at the end of the straight is the key to a fast lap time, not to mention the left hander after the chicane ... its less grippy there and everyone overshoots if they try to be fast over the chicane.

Hope you kick ass!

Thanx for the tips man...I've not been there for 2 months, wonder if they've settled the little hump at the end of the sweeper. Quick question, what spur/pinion combo are you using?...for your last race at Titi. I just stripped a spur today after 2 tanks...16/61 and 21/57. But managed to play the whole day with a 16/60 and 21/56.

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