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Originally posted by Rookie Solara
Can someone pointed out what parts of the 710 required to stock...? I am planning to stock some parts for our track and we seems to have quite a lot of that made me going to run the 710 as well, from this thread, ppl mentioned they broke their front/rear shock towers....what other parts required to have extra at track..?

I will also stock the STEEL pivot balls.....I have seen those alum pivot balls can be snap very easily, but again, that is because they (including me) are aimming at the board instead of the track...

How about the steering knuckles..? Dog bones..? What do I have to stock and ppl are usually need to replace from racing...?

Solara, everyone who sort of know me here will tell you that I recommend getting a whole kit as spares especially if you're going to be far away from a LHS.

Having said that, common things to stock will depend on your driving style and skill. Try the following:

- Rear shock tower
- Rear body posts
- Upper mount for bumper
- belts
- pulleys (if your track is dirty ... car park)

If you're going to have a hard bash then anything is possible:

- front shock tower
- upper deck
- tank
- carbon side braces
- front bulkhead parts
- shock absorbers and
- possibly rear block carbon brace

Depending on where you get your stock from, by the time you add the individual prices for just the above, you've nearly bought a new kit!
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