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Default Raycer vs Factory Team

Hey folks,

I'm in the process of looking at getting a new ride and the xray is looking sweet.


If you were to buy one now, would you go for the raycer and get the hop ups needed, or is it better to bite the bullet and get the Factory Team that is coming out soon.

I have been reading and it seems there is agreement on the 1.77 pully set upgrade for sure.

What would I need to purchase in addition to get the raycer up to speed?

What about the factory team?

BTW, I race mainly at SoCal and RC Heat for parking lot races where SoCal is high traction smooth, and RC Heat is medium/high traction and smooth as well.

How would you compare the Xray to the Barracuda? Both seem to be tough with great performance, but Xray parts are available at SoCal Pro Shop.

Thanks for the input,

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