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Originally Posted by encore75 View Post
Hey Tamiya-heads,

How does the TB-03R compare to a TB-Evo V (non-MS version)? I was thinking of getting a TB03R, but came across a good deal on a used Evo V and considering picking it up...I would be using it for the stock 17.5T (outdoor asphalt) class as an alternative to my TA-05R.

Are parts hard to come by for the Evo V? Any major weaknesses in the Evo V? My only experience so far with Tamiya on-road has been with a TT-01 and my current TA-05R.

Thanks in advance!
The Evo V is a much better car overall. The only advantage the TB-03 has are its sealed spur/pinion for outdoor racing. The TB-03 has an Evo V drivetrain and is meant to be more entry level. That said, I finished 4th in GT-1 at the Trackside TCS this weekend against Evo V's and 416's. Should have finished 3rd overall but got in a late wreck in the final main.
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