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Originally Posted by Billy T. View Post
There are 2 major things that need to be looked at when setting up a throttle servo. You need to make sure that the linkage from the servo to the carb is in an absolute straight line. You do not want any angles from the servo to the carb. The other thing to check is that the endpoints are set. You need to check that the carb is not trying to be opened past the physical limit of the carb. The same goes for when the carb is being held closed. If these things are all set the same, you should have no issues.
linkage is in a straight line endpoints are set to 99% open and no load on close ( gas carb cam leaver set up ) no brakes needed.

Have put new servos in to different boats and have them burn out in two runs.
Thank goodness for third channel kill switch/failsafe.

Hope this year is better for servos....
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