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Yea its all about time and patience..
I have been racing-Track I mean for just over a year, but always played with Rc's Heli's planes ect..

Before I did my 1st race.. I was on my Gap year and spent a good 4-5 hrs down the track for a good 6 weeks or so.. Granted not all actual running.. and before even plopped my car down on the track-I watched a UK Pro going round the track. Watching and listening to his throttle movement's brake ect.. and that was worth about 10 tanks of fuel just watching..
1st race I won the C final by 3 laps-With 2 flameouts-St*pid Go Tech
And so on.. I have been progressing at a fairly fast rate.. and now.. average.. Mid-Top B final.. and Sometimes Low A's.. more recently.. mainly local track. My 1 flaw-Is only racing at 3 tracks.. which doesn't help you improve as much.. but hope to do more this season.

My Key points are:

1.Practice-As much as possible-with mates preferably faster drivers and get more used to the racing side by side aspect.

2. Proper Maintenance..

3.Spend $ on Tyres, and good selection, I see far to many people.. spending $ on the latest.. towel or gadget.. and then have no money left for tyres. So they don't race.. to there full potential.

4.Slow is faster, Tighter the lines the faster you will be-Still trying to drum that into my head. Monday was 4th in the A final.. winning for first 6 laps-With a good straights lead.. but started to choke ended up 5th.
Small things like that you learn from.
Q1-My average lap was 1 sec slower than my fastest.. and TQ'ed the round and 8 lapper.

5.Enjoy it! and spend you hard earned $ on more vital things.. and spend less on less essential stuff!

6.Try racing as many tracks as you possibly can-Variety helps alot!

7.Watch the fast guys go round, before even going out... work out the best lines braking points ect.. and what tyres ect..

8.Walk the track! You will be amazed of the things you cant see from the rostrum!

My new- Thing is to spend more on tyres than new bits and bobs..
And to be more consistent.. as I can be very fast but Im not the best at consistency.. but last meet.. I was the TQ 2 out of 4 rounds.. and was very happy even though I screwed up in the end.. but I improved as a driver and found a nice consistent setup too for my local track.

Im sure im repeating what people have said so I will now stop hope this helps... But, yea there is not set amount that you will start to really progress time...will tell
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