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Default Chargers

I have had nothing but trouble with false peaks when charging at only 4.5 volts with my Superbrain 959 (4.5 V is its maximum output). My 959 has recently been back to MRC twice for repairs and has now been taken out of service...

Otherwise, you should be using a 30mv (5mv x 6 cells) dropoff which will likely false peak even earlier.

I run mostly SMC batteries. Their site recommends chargers made by Competition Electronics, LRP and Novak. All models require a separate power supply.

My newest primary charger is a Reedy Pro because I wanted it to operate on AC power (no separate power supply). However, when I am at a crowded table at the track where several people are sharing the A/C power, my Reedy seems to false peak a lot. Whereas, people with separate power supplies don't seen to be suffering the same issue...Even those with Reedys. This is backed up by the fact that I rarely have false peaking issues when charging batteries at home (when not sharing the A/C power).

I am also looking at the new Yokomo double charger (also DC powered).

Hope this helps.

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