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Having raced the LSP then going to the ST-R, I do think that changing the entire diff to HB hardened internals and using their ring and pinion helped prolong the life of the diff. I liked the metal that HB used for their ring and pinion as well as the cuts. I pulled apart my old LSP that my g/f's son uses(my original LSP) and the gears were in great condition even through the years of use. If you are looking to extend the life a bit, go with the HB stuff for the diffs. You may have a harder time getting the input gear for the LSP/Lightning series of vehicles. The ones from the D8T will not work unless you change your ST-RR center drive shafts to something else because the D8/D8T input gear is cut down a bit where the Center drive shafts mates to it versus the LSP/Lightning ones. Good luck.
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