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The main reason is to get more money, a new and (supposed to be) better engine must be bought. They alter some timings to make te "feeling" different so we think it is better. And face it, we are the stupid guys wanting all the new stuff thinkin it is better while for the most of us an older model is good enough.

Looking to the models from Novarossi they are always based on the same design. Bore/stroke=16.2x16.8, crankpin 5mm, crankshaft 13, 14 or 14.5mm, same carb etc. Only the design on the outside is mostly different to let us think it is new.
Also Novarossi let us know about the piston, if it is microcasted or machined. The first microcasted pistons were great, they had a long life, were a pain in the ass to get them runned in and NR did us make believe they were the best pistons. With the last Flash series they were crap and now the new Flash has a machined piston which must be better.
Face it, they are changing materials constantly due different suppliers or no stock and it is no issue for the consumer, he/she just wants an engine that works and if the piston last long or short you will never know until you have used it to that time.

So advertising with new/better/stronger materials is also to hide the bad productions they had before but it will not give a warranty it will not happen again....
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