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Originally Posted by redbones View Post
I had the same issue as you. But in my case, I could not balance the car, even with the same amount of weight L/R. The issue was weight distribution. The motor is the heaviest object on the left side. If you look at your diagram, the car gets heavier as to go towards the rear. So naturally you would put more weights to the rear side of the battery. It also helps if you move the battery out to the edge of the chassis at an angle like some of those lipo trays. But you shouldn't balance with 22g less weight to begin with though.

Going to try out the Exotek chassis this weekend. Had some fitment issues, but the build is coming out fine. I need to weigh out everything after completing the car, but I feel 60g on the batt side might a little too much for a TP5000mah. I tried to use the inner most batt position, but the front steel weight hits the steering post so I have to use the middle hole position. Still yet, I have to test everything out once I have car in race ready form to balance things out. Will chime in later.
Redbones :
Thank so much for your input! I'm sort of happy that I'm not the only person w/ this problem.
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