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Racers, as many of you have voiced your concerns of the speed and cost of onroad racing. Team Novak and West Coast have teamed up and found a solution to make sure new racers, along with those who do not want to spend an arm and a leg on upgrading their elctronics just to be competative have a class to have fun in. Novak has decided to donate 8, havoc 21.5 combo to help jump start the new stock spec racing class at West Coast Raceway. Novak will hand out 8 havoc 21.5 combos this Saturday March 13th. We will offer this class every raceday along with a new series starting in about a month.

It's 2010, brushed racing is a thing of the past, upgrade your system to a brushless speedo/motor combo. We will offer this combo for 130.00 exclusivly at West Coast until 3.31.10.

Onroad racing is at a decline, we're hoping that slowing the hobby down will generate new racers who just want to have fun and don't want to invest their life saving on new electronics that will be outdated it 2 months.

The reason we chose this class is to slow the pace down, make it affordable, and make onroad fun again! You can run a tc3 and still be as competative as a T3. That's awesome.

Classe Rules: Novak Havoc 21.5 Brushless Class Sedan

1.Only the novak havoc speedo & motor is allowed.

2. Solaris Premount tires

3. Any body allowed

4. Any Car allowed

Please let us know if your thoughts on this class. We will start the Novak spec class Saturday, March 20th only @ West Coast Raceway.

We will offer this class in F1 and Mini soon as well.
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