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The weakness of the stock front suspension is the IRS lower arms. Probably the least expensive and good option is to get the older lower AE arms that have been machined lower for more ride height adjustment. Looks like that's what Jason has on the Copperhead 12 pics.

The new AE front end with the 8/32nd adapters is a good alternative as well. I haven't tried it so I can't speak for the performance. I have tried the CRC and Serpent front ends on the car and both have their good points and bad. Initially I had problems with the CRC running the long upper arm option with the left and right being different. But now that they have gone to the long arm instead of the long ball everything is aligned very nicely and the front end works very nice. The Serpent is really nice too but it is very sloppy and needs extra shims on the top and it interferes with the bumper. In the end I found I like the CRC with the long arm option the least until Jason's new front end comes out
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