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Originally Posted by Logi Maker View Post

Not many places to run off road outdoors. There are plenty indoor off road tracks that are well suited for electric. The 1/8 scale guys, gas and E, don't really have a place to hang it out. Just saying that if an electric only off road track is built then you are playing around the weather. TRCR, 4S, Mike's, Bremerton and Portland always have good weather. You got Area 52 (Carnation) and places in E Washington for off road. SeaTac would be perfect for around here.

Just saying that if this happens and is outdoors, 1/8, gas and E, would have a place for them...along with the Gas on roaders...

A place that you can put a large outdoor track is awesome but would you need a place for a large track if it is E only and the majority of E guys run 1/10 scale? For example, Revelation down in SoCal, stock Slash lap times are just over a minute... too big. It would be cool to see a 1/8 (large) track that includes a 1/10 track (smaller) as one..if that makes sense. Move a couple of cones or two...

Also since it will be a permanent track, no bus needed, no pipes to put together, on nice days like we have experieced lately, we can run..

However, I see no reason to give it up if nitro ends up being a no-no. Certainly not a waste of time and money, as you said. FW has a gas class and electric is still far more popular. Many gas 1/8 folks are realizing the beauty of those big honkin' lipos.

As for offroad AND onroad, we (the PacNW) actually have a VERY dry summer season...I don't foresee much playing around the weather. When running offroad in the mud, is track damage/maintenance much of a concern?

Another thing to consider is noise. Sure, there are planes overhead. But does that mean the neighbors and other park users want to hear that nitro weed wacker buzz? It wouldn't bother me, but just saying...

I'd LOVE to have an excuse to buy a 1/8 E-buggy!
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