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Received my shipment from RC-Mart last evening and went to work installing some blue bits. The Tamiya steering upgrade (all three parts) are a work of art. They tighten up the steering slop about 90% I'd say. Expensive but very effective. I got the front steering knuckles as well and was really disappointed to find out they use 1050 bearings rather than the 1150 that come with the kit. Of course, I don't have any extra 1050s laying around so I removed the rear aluminum uprights and installed the plastic ones which gave me the bearings I needed for the front. I seem to recall reading here somewhere that the 2 degree plastic rear uprights work better than the 1.5 degree aluminum anyway. We'll see. Sure would have been nice though to be able to install everything as intended.

One last note, I also ordered the 12mm x 6mm clamp on hex wheel hubs. They are awesome as well. The reason I mention these is because I recently got a set of these from 3 Racing for my TA-05. I figured these were so simple that 3 racing couldn't possibly screw them up. Wrong. They're just crap. Just like everything else I have ever ordered from 3 Racing. I am so done with them. I know there are those of you that have had good luck with some of their stuff and that's fine. From now on, I'll pay the extra money to get a quality part the first time from Tamiya.

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