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Don't get me wrong.. I didn't mean to come across like it might have seemed (sorry). When I originally bought my BMI, it was a decision between it and this car. Due to having practically a lifetime's supply of parts for the oldschool front end and the BMI being developed primarily for asphalt, it won in the decision back then. Just weeks later the original R5 won the worlds on asphalt and I was shaking my head with a big "doh!". Now I've moved back to AE and just wanting to get this thing sorted. I know it's a new car and has quirks to work out, but going from a car that was totally planted to one that I can't even get down the main straight with is pretty frustrating, as I'm sure you can imagine. Anyways..

I'll have to check my tire diameters when I get home, but sitting on the bench my chassis rides level with the racing surface, so there's no rake. The center chassis pivot ball is VERY free (I tightened the two socket screws until the heads just bottomed out on the socket), and for the side links they're somewhat free, but not as free as a ballcup/balljoint. When I was putting the screws into the side link, I just screwed them in until the heads were touching the link just as I did on the center football. There's no slop in them, but they definitely aren't as free as you mentioned. I remember on my old CRC carpet knife that they were that free, but on that car the links WERE ballcups/joints.

Other than this one frustrating issue, I'm already in love with the car (the spacious rear pod and the new front end especially).
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