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I've been gone all day and only now have had a chance to reply.

First, the enthusiasm is very encouraging. The RC racing community as a whole has a tremendous opportunity in this project. We should make the most of it.

Second, while the Seattle RC Racers currently run an indoor carpet racing program, the vision from the beginning has been to support and grow RC racing in general. Like many, if not most of you, I have a stable of RC vehicles, both onroad and offroad. I'm no purist, and neither is the club. Additionally, while the Seattle RC Racers are on point duty, the Washington Professional Radio Control Crawlers are already on board and participating in the design.

Third, should we succeed, this will be a permanent, public facility, on public land. The two tracks and the crawler area comprise a single, unified vision. In five years..ten...twenty years, it won't matter that the onroad track was built before the offroad track. Particularly when the whole thing is planned for completion in 24 months. That the onroad track likely comes first is a function of the political, design, and construction realities we must handle. I hope it will explain itself as we dive into the project and tackle the challenges together.

Finally, there are no trial runs here. We get one shot. Risks and doubts abound, and success is not assured. The "Told You So's" may have their day. But, for those who may not know firsthand, the Seattle RC Racers are for real. We're not here to waste our own, or anyone else's time. We invite you on this adventure. Please join us on March 20th.

Todd M.
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